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Paula Deen’s lighter chocolate pound cake

I signed up to receive Paula Deen‘s lighter versions of her recipes since discovering she has diabetes and here is her lighter version of her Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake.  Not too bad on carbs.  Will have to try it.


Super Bowl Time!

So what’s everyone cooking for the big day tomorrow?  My husband has to work, so I’m cooking a big pot of chili for him to take for all the guys.  They are also having hot dogs and all the trimmings.

I’m just going to have some pinto beans, a salad, veggies and dip, chips and salsa and maybe a low-fat Fudgsicle (not all at once).  That will be my supper and some snacks.

My blood sugar was 92 this morning.  I’m pretty happy with that.

Tonight I Skyped with my granddaughter.  We usually have a dance party and talk a lot, but she was a little shy tonight.  She is 2 years old and my first grandchild.  I love her very much.  I had no idea what it would be like to be a nana, but I love it.  I visit her about every 6 weeks in NC.  We have a lot of fun.  I usually don’t have too much trouble with my blood sugars when I’m with her because we are always active.

Christmas 2011

I’m also cooking my first ever batch of homemade beef broth, but I don’t know how it will turn out.  I roasted the veggies in with my meat bones, but they burned.  Is that normal?

Well I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.  Don’t eat too much, but eat something good and sweet for me!

Here is the recipe for the Super Bowl Chili.  I got the recipe from  She has the greatest and healthiest recipes, and she teaches you all about cooking ahead and how to freeze your foods.  I love her site.

How have you been?

Sorry that it’s taken so long for me to post again, but it’s been quite busy around here.  Hope all of you have been great.

My blood sugars have run right around 100 for the last couple of days.  My husband and I have been on the go, running errands, dealing with a few issues around town, doctor’s appointments, etc., so my eating hasn’t been the best it should have been.  But I have been active – we planted some rose bushes yesterday, hung some hanging baskets, cleaned and organized my paperwork, etc.

I used to have roses when I lived in N.C. and I loved them.  So I bought two rose bushes at Lowe’s yesterday – a Gold Medal rose and a Sonia rose.  I hope I can make them grow in containers because they are on my patio now.  One of them was already blooming, so I’m going to post a picture for you and hope that mine will be as pretty!  The baskets are full of Petunias and Pansies and they smell so good.

Tonight we had BBQ chicken, a salad, corn on the cob and my husband had some garlic bread.  I bought some split chicken breasts when they were on sale at Publix and I love to pour some BBQ over them and cook them in the oven for about for about 45 minutes to an hour (depending on how thick they are).  I cook them on 425 degrees and they are delicious.

I am also learning how to use my iPad 2.  I have never had an Apple product like this and it is just amazing what it can do and how fast it can do it!  The pictures I’m posting were taken with it today.  The other thing I’m doing is learning how to operate a blog, which is fun, but very confusing sometimes to me.

I appreciate everyone’s patience with me.  It’s the weekend and I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Anyone have any great plans?  Nothing much going on here.  Just more blogging!



Who’s your Diabetes Friend Forever? Dreamfields Pasta wants to know

Who’s your Diabetes Friend Forever? Dreamfields Pasta wants to know.

Healthified Chicken Pot Pie Recipe – Special Occasions – Eat Better America

I love this recipe.  So easy to make and healthier than regular chicken pot pie.  And so good on a cold night.

Healthified Chicken Pot Pie Recipe – Special Occasions – Eat Better America.