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Endocrinologist Appointment

Today was my 3 month checkup with my endocrinologist and it went very well.  My A1C was down from 6.4 to 6.1.  I was glad to hear that!  After being sick for 3 months our of 4, I was afraid it may have creeped back up since I’ve not been exercising as much.  My doctor told me that if I was just coming in to see her for the first time today, she would tell me I don’t have diabetes.  She says many of her other patients ask her if they have to be on medication for the rest of the lives and she tells them that they don’t have to be on medication at all.  She also said she uses me as an example.  That made me happy.  That’s why I’m trying to tell others about how I am handling all of this.

She said my cholesterol was great, my weight was down a few pounds and my blood pressure was also great.  She said keep up the good work.  She asked if I had been tired lately and I said yes.  In fact, my husband butted in and said, yes yes yes!  He said that I have complained of being tired but can’t sleep.  She said my thyroid was a bit out of what, so she adjusted my medication up a little, but it takes over 6 weeks for it to show any effects.  At least I know why I’ve been so tired.

So once again, my suggestion is if anyone is diagnosed with diabetes, start exercising slowly and build up, eat a low-carb, low-sugar diet with lots of fresh veggies and you should see some results.  It has worked for me.  It takes work to make sure you eat the right foods and not get too many lows, but you can do it.  Have a support system.  My family helps with my eating and exercising.  They encourage me all the time, as you can read by my daughter’s posts.  They also make sure when I visit that I have the right foods in their houses for me.  My husband has even stopped eating bad foods and is used to my new way of life now.  I love them all and thank them everyday!

Hope you all have a good Wednesday.  Disney is open 24 hours tomorrow night, so we are going over late in the night to make some history and have some fun.  Everyone come on down and go with us!