Managing your own diabetes without medication


I don’t know if any of you ever eat Stonyfield yogurt, milk, eggs, etc., but I love their products.  And they have farm cams on their website.  If any of you know me, I was raised out in the country and used to have chickens.  I love the video from one Stonyfield’s farm cam where he is collecting eggs.  I also used to milk cows with my Great Aunt Lizzie, and they have lots of those videos, too.  They show what it’s like to live on an organic farm.  They have several videos on organic food, which has taught me a lot.  I know if I had eaten better early in my life, I would not have this blog on managing your diabetes.  Enjoy and visit their site at (the farm cam is on the bottom right)!  And their yogurt is yummy!


Comments on: "Stonyfield" (2)

  1. I will go check it out. I had no idea they had those cams. What a cool idea.
    Don’t beat yourself up so much Mom. No one makes the right choice everytime. But you have changed your lifestyle and you are doing amazing. You don’t need meds for your diabetes at all. That is impressive and inspiring. I think you’re doing great and I need to start eating healthy like you.
    love you

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