Managing your own diabetes without medication


I would like to know how others handle extreme stress?  I am not good at it and it affects my blood sugar.  I am going through an extremely stressful time at this exact moment and I am sick and do not know how to handle my anger and blood sugar.  So any advice from others would be greatly appreciated.  Stress, as many of you know, can make your blood sugar drop, especially after you calm down.  So right now, I’m measuring my blood sugar as I try to breathe deeply and type this blog.


Comments on: "Stress" (2)

  1. Let’s see I handle it by eating bad food like candy or french fries. Picking fights with people who aren’t causing the stress. Crying. Gritting my teeth in my sleep. But I don’t recommend any of these. Really I should be working out, taking a walk, meditating…something like that. Crying is ok though. It’s a good release.

  2. Yes, you should be doing all those things. I ate an extra popsicle and a piece of dark chocolate to not have a low. I am deep breathing and listening to music.

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