Managing your own diabetes without medication

Chicken Soup

Hi everyone.  Still a little under the weather.  I have chicken noodle soup coming out of my ears!  At least it’s low-carb.  My husband is also sick, but last night he fixed steak, salads and some corn on the cob.  It was delish.

My blood sugar was 93 today.  I’ve mostly eaten soups, water, green tea and some low-fat Fudgsicles when my throat hurts.  It’s just a cold, but usually my colds turn into bronchitis since I’m on immunosuppressive medication for my kidney.  So I have fought this one with everything I can find – steam, Traditional Medicines herbal teas, soups and water, water, water.  I also have taken Cold-eeze.  I hate the way it makes everything taste, but it usually helps me to feel better faster.

Hope you all are healthy and well.  Have a great weekend!


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