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A Disney Day

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Hi everyone.  Another nice day here in sunny Florida.  I couldn’t sleep last night, so I was up pretty early (for me).  Took my blood sugar thinking that since I didn’t get a full night’s sleep, it would be high, but it was 91.  I was pleased.

So my husband and I walked around Hollywood Studios today for a couple of hours.  The weather was nice, the crowds were small and we enjoyed the fresh air and a bit of exercise.  We had dinner at the Prime Time 50’s Cafe, which has food that I am not supposed to have, but I had some of it anyway.  Since I had that, I won’t eat a lot of sugars or carbs for the rest of the night.  And since we walked all over Disney, I’m not going to exercise on the Wii tonight.

Here is what my meals and snacks were today:

Breakfast – Quaker Organic Instant Oatmeal with a cup of skim milk

Lunch – Cup of Campbell’s Old Fashioned Vegetable Soup with some saltines

Dinner – Small helping of Grandma’s Chicken Pot Pie with sugar-free cheesecake for dessert (from the Prime Time Cafe).  I did take my blood sugar 2 hours after I ate to see if my blood sugar was too high after eating all that not-g00d-for-me food and it was 117, which was really good.

I had a cup of popcorn today, an apple, Nature Valley Roasted Almond Nut Bar, 2  pieces of Dove dark chocolate promises, some mixed nuts, a 4 oz. container of Stonyfield 0% fat Organic Strawberry Yogurt.  I have had 2 cups of unsweetened green tea and lots of water.

I usually try to have more veggies than I did today, but today was one of those day’s that I wasn’t going to stress over what I ate while we were out, but it will be interesting to see what my blood sugar readings are tomorrow morning.

I really want to try to lose about 50 more pounds.  I have lost over 30 pounds just by finding out I had diabetes and switching to a low-carb, low sugar diet and exercising.  But during Christmas, I just decided not to stress myself out about my diet and just make sure I didn’t gain any weight and keep my sugars on track.

Well, thanks for reading again today.  I will keep trying to improve and learn more about blogging, adding more pictures of foods and meals, and some recipes, as I go along.  Have a great day tomorrow.


Most unusual day

I hope everyone had a nice day.  My day started off very unusual, but ended up with my wonderful husband giving me an iPad2 for Valentine’s Day!  He gave it to me early so I could start using it.  I love it.  I haven’t had something this nice in a long long time.  

Here is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast:  Quaker Caramel Corn Rice Cake with 2 tbsp of Peter Pan Whipped Peanut Butter

Lunch:  A cup of Campbell’s Old Fashioned Vegetable Soup with 6 saltine crackers

Dinner:  Red Lobster – Broiled flounder with Broiled Asparagus, small salad with ranch dressing, water to drink (it was grocery store night for us, so we got out to eat on that night)

Snacks (not all at once):  2 Dove dark chocolate Promises, Golden Delicious Apple, 1 oz (about 30 pieces) of mixed nuts, two cups of green tea unsweetened, Stonyfield 0% fat organic strawberry yogurt 4 oz, veggies and dip

When I took my blood sugar this morning, it was 90.  My blood sugar is higher if I don’t get enough sleep, if I’m stressed, or if I don’t exercise.  I exercised with my Wii Fit Plus last night for 45 minutes.  It makes all the difference in the world for me.  I don’t do a lot but I do a few of the balance games, a lot of the yoga poses, some aerobics (step and light jogging) and the cool down.

I usually don’t take my sugar but once a day and that’s in the morning.  I’m very lucky, but I think it’s because I am on a low carb, low sugar diet and I exercise.  Before I started this, I had to test my levels a few times a day.  If I am feeling really bad, I’ll take it 2 hours after I eat dinner.  But my doctor only gives me enough strips to test it twice a day.  I’ve had a few lows, but by eating every 2 to 3 hours, I try to keep it at an even level so I won’t have those dips or highs.

I hope some of this helps.  It has helped me tremendously.  I try to buy organic when I can, but most of this food you can buy in the supermarket.  I just have to watch what I eat.  If I do have some sweets, I try to eat nothing but veggies or low carb foods the rest of the day.  Let me know how you keep your blood levels on track!

Finding out you have diabetes

It was in the Spring of last year 2011, when I found a new internal medicine doctor in Celebration.  I haven’t had great luck with finding really good doctors down here, so here I was going to another new doctor.  And I was so nervous.  I was 100 pounds overweight, had let myself go, told myself it was because I was taking immunosuppressive medications that I gained weight.  And convinced myself that I ate pretty good.  I had no idea how bad my health was at that time.  But I was going to find out.

I had tried to find a good endocrinologist to see if my thyroid was the problem with all my weight gain, tiredness, dry skin and no energy, but even though I had an insurance plan that didn’t need a referral, all the ones I tried to see wanted a referral.  At that time, I was seeing a nephrologist in another city that was one of the worst doctors I have ever met.  I tried to discuss with him that I needed counseling for the depression I seemed to be in.  He said, oh, just up your medication and you’ll be ok.  I can take care of you.  So I then asked him if he could refer me to a dietician to help me with my eating problems.  He said, just cut back on your eating and you will be fine.  I will take care of you.  So the last request was to be referred to an endocrinologist to check my thyroid which had just quit working a few years back and a doctor had prescribed medication that I had been on and wanted to get it checked.  And he said, I’ll check your thyroid, you don’t need to see a specialist.  I’ll take care of you.  He never took care of me

So finally, my husband found an endocrinologist close to our house that did not need a referral and I immediately made an appointment.  I’m still not sure I like him, but there are not many around here.  So he took some blood work to check my thyroid, did a sonogram on it and found nothing and said if he found anything wrong with my blood work, he would give me a call to come back in.  Either way, he said his office would let me know the results of my blood work.

Weeks and a couple of months went by.  I heard nothing.  I called his office several times, but was told they didn’t have the blood work back yet.  Now his office is in a hospital and I knew he had that blood work back by then.  So now, I’m finally seeing my new internal medicine doctor and his office is located in the same hospital as the endocrinologist’s.  And amazingly, he found my blood work in the computer and told me everything I needed to know and some things that I didn’t want to know.  He told me my cholesterol was high, my lipids were too high and that I had diabetes.  That last part went right by me.  And then I said, what!!!!!!

My A1C was 7.3.  No one took my blood glucose that day, so I didn’t know how high it was or how long I had been diabetic, but I know that I had felt bad for over a few months.  And I had a couple of low blood sugars during those months that I didn’t feel well.  I had taken a long hot shower one night (something you are not supposed to do with diabetes) and did all the usual things after a shower – brush teeth, style hair, put on lotion, etc. – and all of a sudden, I started shaking and was dizzy and felt as if I were going to faint.  My husband gave me some Coke (Coca-Cola) and I started feeling better.  I had had to go to the bathroom a lot and my husband heard me say I was so thirsty everyday.  Little did I know what I had.

So I finally got to see my endocrinologist and he immediately wanted to put me on medication, but told me that with my transplanted kidney, there was a good chance that the medicine would damage it.  So I asked if I could try to manage my diabetes by diet and exercise and he agreed.  So here I am, learning as I go.  I did have an appointment with a dietician, but that appointment was 3 months away.  I could have been dead by then.  So I used the internet as my resource.  As we go along, I will share with you some tricks and tips I’ve learned.  But I am sure there is much more to know and hope all of you can share your health tips and experiences with diabetes or just with healthy eating and living.

Dreamfields Pasta Tastes Great, Low Carb Pasta, Diabetic Pasta, Healthy Pasta Recipes

Dreamfield’s Pasta tastes just like regular pasta, but will not spike your glucose levels.  It has a low glycemic index of 13!  I use it and love it!

Dreamfields Pasta Tastes Great, Low Carb Pasta, Diabetic Pasta, Healthy Pasta Recipes.

Healthified Chicken Pot Pie Recipe – Special Occasions – Eat Better America

I love this recipe.  So easy to make and healthier than regular chicken pot pie.  And so good on a cold night.

Healthified Chicken Pot Pie Recipe – Special Occasions – Eat Better America.

Hello out there!

Well, this is kinda scary, starting to write things that other people will read. Hope you will follow along with me and help me through this. It will be fun and exciting. It’s middle of the night, so I’m not going to say a lot now. Just building my blog as I go. Have a great day!