Managing your own diabetes without medication

Blog is moving

Hi everyone.  I am moving my blog to  Hope everyone will follow me over at the new site.  Thanks so much.


I signed up to receive Paula Deen‘s lighter versions of her recipes since discovering she has diabetes and here is her lighter version of her Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake.  Not too bad on carbs.  Will have to try it.

Laugh for the day

I have loved Ellen since she started out.  She is hilarious.  My kids even woke me up one night one a weekend when they were watching one of her standup routines because they were laughing so hard.  Here is just one of her many funny clips from her show this week.

Sitting around

So this article from the ADA shows a study where sitting around in women is a direct link to diabetes, but not for men.  Now why is that?

And here’s another great article with snack suggestions from

This is a great list of snacks for diabetics from  I might have to try those Oreo bars!  Yum!

Here is a risk test for Diabetes Type 2 from the American Diabetes Association.  It’s a pretty good one.